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The X1/9 was designed Bertone and originally sold by Fiat, before Bertone took over total control of the car. My car, pictured above, was restored in the summer of 1995 after it was somehow crushed by a falling calf two years previously, resulting in the mess below.

The Restoration

Towing the car home
The only part of the car badly affected by rust. Quite good for an X1/9 of that age!
Just before restoration started. The red 81C is a US import which, for some unexplained reason, caught fire. It had a good bonnet and windscreen surround, though.
The car with everything taken off it. Back here there was surprisingly little rust, expect for a very tatty exhaust.
All the panel beating and welding has been done at this stage. The bonnet and nosecone came off the US car, as did the top half of the windscreen surround, which had metal bars inserted into it to strengthen it.
All ready now for the final spray, notice how seamless the join on the windscreen is.
After the paint job was finished, it became sadly apparant that the dashboard had been very badly damaged too. Removing it was quite simple, but putting in another dash (from 2357LI as the US car is left hand drive) was a nightmare, not to be recommended if at all possible.
Here's what's left of the US car - it looks kind of like a Renault Spider now.
X1/9s are very rare in Ireland, this was taken at the motor show in Leoparstown in May 1996, the biggest gathering of X1/9s ever in the country.
Here is a field of X1/9s I came across before I found my own one. Despite all having been crashed, they were in surprisingly good condition rust wise.
The ugliest X1/9 ever? I found this in a garage in Cork, but no one could explain what possessed the original owner to put a different front on it. Notice the extra cheap carpet that he put into the back of it.

Do you have an unusual X1/9? I'd like to make a collection of pictures of modified or somewhat unusual X1/9s - drop me an email if you have anything strange.

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