COBOL Programming Course

Includes COBOL tutorials, COBOL example programs, COBOL programming exercises and COBOL self assessment questions.

COBOL tutorial
COBOL programming exercise
Self assessement questions

Introduction to COBOL
COBOL tutorial The structure of COBOL programs (new may 2002)
COBOL tutorial Declaring data in COBOL
COBOL tutorial Basic Procedure Division commands
Getting Started
These will be self assessment questions
COBOL Control structures
COBOL tutorial Selection in COBOL
COBOL tutorial Iteration in COBOL
The Calculator and Countdown exercise
These will be self assessment questions
Simple Sequential Files
COBOL tutorial Introduction to Sequential files
COBOL tutorial Processing Sequential files
Reading Sequential Files
Counting records in a Sequential File
Advanced data declaration
COBOL tutorial Edited Pictures
COBOL tutorial The USAGE clause (new may 2002)
Writing records to a Sequential File
Inserting records in a Sequential File
Advanced Sequential Files
COBOL tutorial COBOL print files and variable-length records
COBOL tutorial Sorting and Merging
COBOL tutorial Basic Procedure Division commands
Updating a Sequential File
Sorting a Sequential File
Direct access files
COBOL tutorial Introduction to direct access files
COBOL tutorial Relative Files
COBOL tutorial Indexed Files
COBOL tables
COBOL tutorial Using tables
COBOL tutorial Creating tables - syntax and semantics
COBOL tutorial Searching tables
Using Tables
Constructing large systems
COBOL tutorial Contained and external sub-programs (new may 2002)
COBOL tutorial The COPY verb (new may 2002)
COBOL string handling
COBOL tutorial Inspect
COBOL tutorial String
COBOL tutorial Unstring
COBOL tutorial Reference modification and Intrinsic Functions
The COBOL Report Writer
COBOL tutorial Report Writer by example
COBOL tutorial Report Writer syntax and semantics

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