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Conference Programme


9:00 Opening - President of the University of Limerick Prof. Roger Downer  

Session 1
Chair : Danial Arfib  

9:10 Invited Speaker : Prof. Gregory H. Wakefield  

Chris Duxbury [christopher.duxbury@kcl.ac.uk] Separation Of Transient Information In Musical Audio Using Multiresolution Analysis Techniques
10:00   Sylvain Marchand [sm@labri.u-bordeaux.fr] Real-Time Additive Synthesis of Sounds by Taking Advantage of Psychoacoustics
10:20   Vincent Verfaille [verfaille@lma.cnrs-mrs.fr] Adaptative Digital Audio Effects
10:40 Coffee  
Session 2 Chair : Mark Sandler
11:00 Invited Speaker : Prof Horacio Vaggione
11:30   Nicola Bernardini [nicb@centrotemporeale.it] Compositional Use Of Digital Audio Effects
11:50   Augusto Sarti [Augusto.Sarti@polimi.it] Low Cost Geometry-Based Acoustic Rendering

Federico Avanzini [avanzini@dei.unipd.it] will present the paper "Computer Synthesis Of Bird Songs And Calls" written by Mark Kahrs [kahrs@acoustics.hut.fi] and himself.

12:30 Lunch

Session 3
Chair : Rudi Jordan
14:00   Tapio Lokki [ktlokki@cc.hut.fi] A Time-Variant Reverberation Algorithm For Reverberation Enhancement Systems
14:30   Jiri Schimmel [schimmel@utko.fee.vutbr.cz] Optimizing Digital Musical Effect Implementation For Harvard DSP Architecture
14:50   Aymeric Zils [aymeric@csl.sony.fr] Musical Mosaicing
  15:10   Roberto Bresin [roberto@speech.kth.se ] Toward A New Model For Sound Control
15:30   Posters

16:00 Coffee

Session 4
Chair : Gianpaolo Evangelista
16:10   Henri Penttinen [henri.penttinen@hut.fi] Morphing Instrument Body Models
16:30   Ricardo A. Garcia [rago@media.mit.edu] Automating the Design of Sound Synthesis Algorithms using Evolutionary Methods
16:50   Federico Avanzini [federico.avanzini@acoustics.hut.fi] Modeling Collision Sounds: Non-Linear Contact Force
  17:10   Chris Chafe [cc@ccrma.stanford.edu] Music From Old Bones: Recreating Ensembles Of Ancient Chinese Flutes Through Digital Simulation
  18.15 Acousmatic Music Concert in CSG01
19.00   Wine Reception in the Atrium



Session 5
Chair : Udo Zolzer  

9:00 Invited Speaker : Davide Rocchesso

  Harald Viste [viste@lcavsun1.epfl.ch] Sound Source Separation: Preprocessing For Hearing Aids And Structured Audio Coding
9:50   Xavier Amatriain [xavier.amatriain@iua.upf.es] Audio Content-Transmission

Maja Serman [Maja.Serman@ul.ie] Discrete implementation of the first order system cascade as the basis for a melodic segmentation model

10:30 Coffee (The "official photo-call will take place durring the coffee break)

Session 6
Chair : Javier Casajus-Quiros
11:00   Vincent Verfaille [verfaille@lma.cnrs-mrs.fr] Likelihood Time-Frequency Analysis...
11:20   Laura Ottaviani [ottavian@sci.univr.it] Separation of Speech Signal From Complex Auditory Scenes
  11:40   Joe Timoney [jtimoney@cs.may.ie] EPS Models of AM-FM Vocoder Output for New Sounds Generation
12:00   DAFx about DAFx

12:30 Lunch

Session 7
Chair : Favreau Emmanuel
14:00   Federico Fontana [fontana@sci.univr.it] Magnitude Complementary Filters for Dynamic Equalization
14:20   Maarten de Boer [maarten.deboer@iua.upf.es] Tapiir, A Software Multitap Delay
14:40   Christian Muller-Tomfelde [tomfelde@darmstadt.gmd.de] Time-Varying Filter In Non-Uniform Block Convolution
  15:00   Federico Boccardi [buska@dei.unipd.it] Sound Morphing With Gaussian Mixture Models
15:20   Posters

15:40 Coffee

Session 8
Chair : Eric Feremans
16:00   Yinglong Jiang [Yinglong.Jiang@ul.ie] Voice source effects in pitch modification of voiced sound in speech
16:20   Pietro Polotti [pietro@lcavsun1.epfl.ch] Multiresolution Sinusoidal/Stochastic Model For Voiced-Sounds
16:40   Pierre Hanna [hanna@labri.fr] Influence Of Frequency Distribution On Intensity Fluctuations Of Noise
17:00   Declan Murphy [declan@diku.dk] Scalable Spectral Reflections In Conic Sections
17:20   Emmanuel Favreau [efavreau@ina.fr] Phase Vocoder Applications In Grm Tools Environment


Conference Banquet

Traditional Irish Music Session Kilmurry Hotel with Niall Keegan and Sandra Joyce




Session 9
Chair : Jan Tro

9:00   Marc Aird [mapma@maths.bath.ac.uk] Extending Digital Waveguides To Include Material Modelling
9:30   John Bowers [bowers@nada.kth.se] TONETABLE: A Multi-User, Mixed-Media, Interactive Installation
9:50   Sergio Canazza [sergio.canazza@libero.it] Toward An Objective Comparison Of Audio Restoration Methods Based On Short Time Spectral Attenuation
10:10   Alois Sontacchi [sontacchi@kug.ac.at] Further Investigations On 3d Sound Fields Using Distance Coding

10:30 Coffee
Session 10 Chair : Nicola Bernadini
11:00 Invited Speaker Prof. Stephen Brewster
11:30   Alois Melka [a.melka@mybox.cz] Post-Processing Of Two-Channel Stereo Studio Recordings Of Classical Music With Room Simulation - A Psychoacoustical Experiment
11:50   Federico Fontana [fontana@sci.univr.it] Recognition Of Ellipsoids From Acoustic Cues

Philippe Depalle [depalle@music.mcgill.ca] will present the paper "Gesturally Controlled Digital Audio Effects" written by Marcelo M. Wanderley [Marcelo.Wanderley@ircam.fr] and himself.


Closing Session



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