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Proceedings of the COST-G6 Conference on Digital Audio Effects

Table of Contents
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A word about the COST G6 action

Welcome to DAFx

DAFx-01 Conference Committees

Session 1 - Thursday

Separation Of Transient Information In Musical Audio Using Multiresolution Analysis Techniques

Duxbury C., Davies M., Sandler M. Real-Time

Additive Synthesis Of Sound By Taking Advantage Of Psychoacoustics

Lagrange M., Marchand S.

A-Dafx: Adaptive Digital Audio Effects

Verfaille V., Arfib D.



Session 2 - Thursday

Compositional Use Of Digital Audio Effects

Bernardini N., Rudi J.

Low-Cost Geometry-Based Acoustic Rendering

Sarti A., Tubaro S.

Computer Synthesis Of Bird Songs And Calls

Kahrs M., Avanzini F.



Session 3 - Thursday

A Time-Variant Reverberation Algorithm For Reverberation Enhancement Systems

Lokki T., Hiipakka J.

Optimizing Digital Musical Effect Implementation For Harvard DSP Architecture

Smekal Z., Schimmel J., Krkavec P.

Musical Mosaicing

Zils A., Pachet F.

Toward A New Model For Sound Control

Bresin R., Friberg A., Dahl S.



Session 4 - Thursday

Morphing Instrument Body Models

Penttinen H., Karjalainen M., Harma A.

Automating The Design Of Sound Synthesis Techniques Using Evolutionary Methods

Garcia R.A.

Modeling Collision Sounds: Non-Linear Contact Force

Avanzini F., Rocchesso D.



Session 1 - Friday

Sound Source Separation: Preprocessing For Hearing Aids And Structured Audio Coding

Viste H., Evangelista G.

Audio Content Transmission

Amatriain X., Herrera P.

Discrete Implementation Of The First Order System Cascade As The Basis For A Melodic Segmentation Model

Serman M.



Session 2 - Friday

LIFT: Likelihood-Frequency-Time Analysis For Partial Tracking And Automatic Transcription Of Music

Verfaille V. Duhamel P. Charbit M.

Separation Of Speech Signal From Complex Auditory Scenes

Ottaviani L., Rocchesso D.

EPS Models Of Am-Fm Vocoder Output For New Sounds Generations

Timoney J., Lysaght T.



Session 3 - Friday

Magnitude-Complementary Filters For Dynamic Equalization

Fontana F., Karjalainen M.

TAPIIR, A Software Multitap

Delay de Boer M.

Time-Varying Filter In Non-Uniform Block Convolution

Müller-Tomfelde C.

Sound Morphing With Gaussian Mixture Models

Boccardi F., Drioli C.



Session 4 - Friday

Voice source analysis for pitch-scale modification of speech signals

Jiang Y., Murphy P.

Multiresolution Sinusoidal/Stochastic Model For Voiced-Sounds

Polotti P., Evangelista G.

Influence Of Frequency Distribution On Intensity Fluctuations Of Noise

Hanna P., Desainte-Catherine M.

Scalable Spectral Reflections In Conic Sections

Murphy D., Marentakis G., Andersen T.H., Jensen K.

Phase Vocoder Applications In Grm Tools Environment

Favreau E.


Session 1 - Saturday

Extending Digital Waveguides To Include Material Modelling

Aird M., Laird J.

TONETABLE: A Multi-User, Mixed-Media, Interactive Installation

Bowers, J.

Real Time Comparison Of Audio Restoration Methods Based On Short Time Spectral Attenuation

Canazza S., De Poli G., Mian G.A., Scarpa A.

Further Investigations On 3D Sound Fields Using Distance Coding

Sontacchi A., Höldrich R.


Session 2 - Saturday

Post-Processing Of 2-Channel Stereo Studio Recordings Of Classical Music With Room Simulation - A Psychoacoustical Experiment

Melka A., Syrový V., Moravec O.

Recognition Of Ellipsoids From Acoustic Cues

Fontana F., Ottaviani L., Rath M., Rocchesso D.

Gesturally-Controlled Digital Audio Effects

Wanderley M.M., Depalle P.



An Efficient Pitch-Tracking Algorithm Using A Combination Of Fourier Transforms

Marchand S.

Modeling And Sonifying Pen Strokes On Surfaces

Müller-Tomfelde C., Münch T.

Expressive Controllers For Bowed String Physical Models

Serafin S., Burtner M., Nichols C., O'Modhrain S.

Spectrum Interpolation Synthesis For The Compression Of Musical Signals

Malot A.K., Rao P., Gadre V.M.

Digital Synthesis By Plug-In Method In Java Media Framework Environment

Schimmel J., Fitz R.

Is The Player More Influenced By The Auditory Than The Tactile Feedback From The Instrument?

Dahl S., Bresin R.

Digital Waveguide Mesh Modelling Of Room Acoustics: Surround-Sound, Boundaries And Plugin Implementation

Murphy D.T., Newton C.J.C, Howard D.M.

A System For Recognition Of Hummed Tunes

Brøndsted T., Augustensen S., Fisker B., Hansen C., Klitgaard J., Nielsen L.W., Rasmussen T.

An Adaptive Technique For Modeling Audio Signals

Kauppinen I., Roth K.

Classification Of Music Signals In The Visual Domain

Deshpande H., Singh R., Nam U.

Quantitative Characterisation Of Perceptually Relevant Artifacts Of Synthetic Reverberation Using The Earwig Distribution

Furlong D., O'Donovan J.

A Graphical Modular Environment For MPEG-4 Sa Instruments Prototyping

Fayemendy G.

Using XML for Score Representation

Cahill M.

New Query-By-Humming Music Retrieval System Conception And Evaluation Based On A Query Nature Study

Carre E M., Philippe P., Apelian C.

Directivity Synthesis With A 3D Array Of Loudspeakers Application For Stage Performance

Warusfel O., Misdariis N.

Cue Point Processing: An Introduction

Brazil E.

Sound Processing With The Sndobj Library: An Overview

Lazzarini V.


Composing Musical Spaces By Means of Decorrelation of Audio Signals

Vaggione H.



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