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As feature events are organised for DAFx01, additional related information will be added to this page.

Evening Concert of Contemporary Music


Gordon Delap; Atrament (fixation/solution/distillation; sublimation/separation);
“Atrament is constituted of four miniatures, contrasting through varying
technical procedures and degrees of human agency, unified through the
genesis of their material”


Mark Windgate; Klang, Kar und Melodie;
³...the piece gradually reaches a constant forward harmonic motion and a
complex structural plan, in which composite segments formed by asymmetrical
pairs of vertical strata are superimposed upon complementary hexachord
aggregates. These inverted cellular rotations (marked accelerando conforza)
combine with slower moving tone-clusters which crescendo into chaotic,
colliding “nexus” sets of ever-increasing density which ultimately
disintegrate and have to be rebuilt in the second half of the piece. Thus,
with the exception of the first invariant subset (heard in the opening
section by the horns), the underlying rhythmic structure results from
temporal displacement of the canonic motive in the various constituent
voices and is not (as one might think) a determinant of motion in the most
fundamental sense...²


Paul Wilson; Genesis;
“The origins of good and evil, and the necessity for either to classify or
contextualise the other, is a theme which directed the realisation of
Genesis. The sonic palette makes use of gesticulative nuances inherent in
the source sounds, in collaboration with transformed material. The result is
a sound world consisting of both recognisable and surreal elements that
should be perceived as having equal timbral significance. The composition
journeys from one end of the spectrum to the other; the perception of
timbres as being at each end of the continuum is reinforced within the
context of its polar opposite”


Deirdre Johnson; Reverie;
“Reverie is a one-movement electroacoustic composition based entirely on two
voices, submitted as part of the MA in Music Technology, at the University
of Limerick, in 2001. The piece is concerned with the principle aural images
of lightness and darkness, turbulence and rest, through
spectro-morphological and temporal relationships”


Traditional Irish Music at the banquet


Featuring Niall Keegan (flute) and Sandra Joyce (bodhran & voice)

For Additional Information see http://www.ul.ie/~iwmc/nk/
Additional Information from http://www.tartantapes.com/niall-tracks.htm


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