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After DAFx-01

A copy of the Conference Proceedings is now available online.


About DAFx-01

DAFx-01 is an international conference organized by the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at the University of Limerick, Ireland .
The Conference is sponsored by the Action-G6 "Digital Audio Effects" of the European COST program, and supported by the University of Limerick.

DAFx-01 is an international meeting of researchers in theoretical and applied digital sound and music signal processing including topics like:

  • Filtering and Modulation;
  • Delay;
  • Time and Frequency Scaling;
  • Spatialisation;
  • Spectral Processing;
  • Audio Coding; Software and Hardware Implementation;
  • Sound Modeling;
  • Perceptual Issues.

DAFx-01 will present sound models, examples, software and hardware applications of interest to musicians, computer scientists, engineers and other.

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