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The Master’s Degree in Music Technology is a twelve-month course combining cutting edge developments in audio technology with music composition, acoustics and computer science. The course is aimed at candidates who wish to combine technological competence with artistic endeavor.

Established in 1998 the course has proven successful in the development of competent composers and performers, music technologists, and audio software developers working at the leading edge of music, science and technology. The course is limited to sixteen students per year with the option of either an MA or MSc degree.

In addition to the many facilities at DMARC, students have exclusive access to a music computer lab and to the postgraduate studio suites. Further details can be found at

Entry Requirement

Prospective candidates should possess a primary degree with first or second-class honours (Level 8 – National Qualifications Authority of Ireland or equivalent) and demonstrable musical experience or an equivalent capability based on significant and substantial prior professional experience.
Interviews will be required in all cases as well as an audition, where necessary.
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Career Opportunities

The convergence of computer and media technologies offers unique opportunities for musicians and technologists to exploit their potential in new areas, and across a wide range of activities.
Areas graduates have progressed to include:
broadcasting, recording, producing, engineering, computing, information technology, composition, performance, and research.

Programme of Study

The programme consists of two semesters of taught study following which students undertake a three month research project towards the development of a dissertation.


For any further information regarding the MA/MSc in Music Technology please contact

Mr. Nicholas Ward

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