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The rationale for the Graduate Diploma in Computing is to meet the ongoing deficit in computing specialists. The purpose of this one-year full-time course is to equip graduates from other disciplines with the skills necessary for careers in the software industry.  This course has a strong applied bias with an emphasis on practical work and hands-on experience and aims to provide participants with the skills necessary for the analysis, design, testing, implementation and maintenance of computer based information systems in a commercial or industrial environment.  Since its inception in 1979 it has been highly successful in achieving this aim. 

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme, graduates should be able to:
1. Identify and describe the major components of a modern digital computer.
2. Explain the use of the system development life cycle, and other versions of the life cycle, in the software development process.
3. Write programs in a specified high level programming language to solve particular problem specifications.
4. Illustrate the representation of data in a computer system, and discuss the fundamental processes involved in both the storage and the processing of this data, from both a software and a hardware context.
5. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the logical structure of, and facilities provided by, a modern operating system.
6. Explain the relevance and explore the fundamental principles of database technology.
7. Support the role of standards in achieving open systems in the area of data communications and computer networks.
8. Recommend solutions to the basic communication problems that arise in broadcast and in switched networks.
9. Justify the use of decision support systems in business planning.
10. Co-operate as part of a team in the implementation of a substantial software project.

Entrance Requirements

A primary degree in a discipline other than computing is the key requirement. Preference will be given to the candidates with a first or second-class honours degree, or with relevant work experience.


Graduates typically begin their careers as programmers or programmer/analysts; they progress to become analyst/designers, software engineers or software consultants.  By combining your initial degree qualifications with the skills obtained in the Graduate Diploma in Computing an even wider range of career opportunities can become available to you.


This programme will be funded under the Postgraduate Skills Initiative in the Academic Year of 2009/10.  For EU students this means significantly reduced fees (in 2008-09, fees under this initiative were €1,750). Non-EU tuition fees in the Academic Year of 2008/09 for a similar type programme were €13,243.


Course Director: Dr. Nikola Nikolov
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Telephone:          +353-(0)61-233284

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