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The Computer Games Industry is an exciting field, currently outselling the film industry worldwide.  Computer Game development is innovative and exciting from a technological and creative perspective, providing career opportunities for imaginative, logical and energetic students. 

Graduates will have the satisfaction of seeing their work being enjoyed by a global audience.  Students will learn the art and science of computer slots games programming and design.  This programme will equip students with the skills and technological ability to develop both Multimedia and Computer Game systems.  They will study Computer Science with special emphasis on topics relevant to Game Design such as computer graphics, artificial intelligence, digital video and audio fundamentals.  They will also study topics relevant to development of a game concept to the final "shooting script" (prior to programming).

Programme of Study

The first year provides a solid foundation in Computer Science as well as the theory and practice of Software Development, Computer Applications and Representation.  Modelling modules will deal with some issues relevant to digital media and games, such as how images can be represented inside the computer and on the screen.

In the second year and first semester of third year, six of the fifteen modules extend the students knowledge of general Software Development while nine modules are directly relevant to Media and Game development.

In semester two of year three, students will have an eight month cooperative education placement, either in Ireland or abroad, where they will get the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned, increase their awareness of the computer games workplace and develop their social and business skills.

In the fourth year, students will undertake a significant independent project in the area.  Normally this will involve development of one or more software components of a computer game, or developing a complete game using existing software components.  In addition, they will continue to deepen their knowledge of general software development and to acquire deeper expertise in specialised aspects of media and game related issues.

The educational principles of this programme focus on three aspects: knowledge, skills, and attitudes and values.  The knowledge that students will gain will form the basis for acquiring further knowledge during their careers.  The skills will allow them to apply this knowledge effectively in the workplace.  The professional values and attitudes imparted will help students to understand those skills, to whom they would be attractive, and how to apply their skills for the benefit of their clients and society at large.

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme, students will be able to:
1. Identify the salient features required in designing software, particularly those peculiar to games.
2. Write, design and develop computers games from initial concept.
3. Develop software from high level descriptions.
4. Produce design documents for complex systems.
5. Adhere to fundamental Computer Science and Software Engineering approaches to design.
6. Demonstrate a competence in and appreciation of several different languages.
7. Integrate different technologies, tools and languages in an appropriate way.
8. Critique and analyse existing systems.
9. Recommend approaches to synthesizing software models of complex systems.

Entrance Requirements

Applicants are required to hold at the time of enrolment the established Leaving Certificate (or an approved equivalent) with at least Grade C3 in two higher level subjects and grade D3 in four ordinary or higher level subjects (including Mathematics; Irish or another language; and English).  In addition, applicants are required to hold at least a grade B2 in the Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Mathematics, or approved equivalent.

Mature students (in general 23 years of age on the 1st of January of the year of registration) are most welcome to apply for entry to the B.Sc. in Multimedia and Computer Games Development programme at the University of Limerick. Each mature student applicant is considered on an individual basis. Academic qualifications, work experience, motivation and overall potential for this programme of study are evaluated usually by means of an interview. Further details are available from the Mature Student Office.  Mature students must apply directly to the Admissions Office rather than through the Central Applications Office (CAO).

Career Opportunities

For the qualified graduate, job opportunities abound in the games industry.  There is a worldwide scarcity of games programmers especially in the domains of graphics programming and computer simulation.  Employment possibilities in the computer games arena in Ireland and the UK are mainly in the area of games programming and design and games project management.  Career options include:
• Games programmer
• Graphics programming
• Visualisation
• Games tester
• Research and development in media and entertainment related technologies.

Because the course ensures that graduates have a solid grounding in software development, their career options will also include:
• Software development
• Software engineer
• Systems analysis and design.


Course Director:  Dr. Chris Exton
Email:                     This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone:           +353-(0)61-213108

Course Structure

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